Mastodon have already hung out with Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad when the New Jersey food detectives took to the screen in the 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' movie. Now the prog-metal outfit will return for an appearance on the re-named show 'Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1'.

Mastodon have had a long-standing love affair with the Adult Swim crew.  The two worlds first collided when Mastodon recorded the opening song for 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters' in 2007 -- a parody of the classic movie theater jingle 'Let's All Go to the Lobby' called 'Cut You with a Linoleum Knife'.

The band also co-headlined a tour in 2009 with the real life version of the fictional band Deathklok from the popular Adult Swim show 'Metalocalypse'. The most recent collaboration came when Adult Swim created a video for the unreleased 'Crack the Skye' track -- 'Deathbound'.

Bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders recently revealed to myYearbook that the band will once again join forces with America's favorite food items in an upcoming episode:

"Yes, we’re actually going to be involved in an upcoming Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. That’s always fun to do, it’s always a unique opportunity to go in and do music and voice-overs. It’s such a fun way to do something that is Mastodon-ish but also unexpected. We’re very fortunate that the Adult Swim family has embraced Mastodon and has tried to include us on many things. We hope to have more opportunities like that because it’s such a great experience."

There is no word on when the episode will air, but the 10 episode season ninth season of 'Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1' (as it was re-named prior to last season) is set to premiere My 20th, 2012. Mastodon is currently on tour in support of their latest release 'The Hunter', click here for dates.