Megadeth have announced that they will perform songs from their upcoming release 'TH1RT3EN' on 'Jimmy Kimmell Live!' Halloween night, just hours before the album is released.

Megadeth have been making the rounds in promotion of their upcoming 13th studio record -- 'Th1RT3EN'. The album will go head to head with former rivals Metallica and their Lou Reed collaboration, 'Lulu', when both hit stores on November 1st. Dave Mustaine and company will charge the set of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' the night before the release, which is coincidentally Halloween.

'TH1RT3EN' marks the return of originally bassist David Ellefson, whose last studio outing with the band was 2001's 'The World Needs A Hero'. Dave Mustaine described the sound of the new record to Pure Grain Audio:

"Different, a hundred percent different, unlike anything we’ve ever done before because the guitar sounds are different, it sounds really super modern. If I was going to say it sounds like a particular band I would say it sounds like really old classic Sabbath and with a little bit of a modern edge of Queens of the Stone Age kind of thing."

Megadeth will embark on tour in support of 'TH1RT3EN' on their Gigantour, which will kick off in 2012 with supporting acts Motorhead, Lacuna Coil, and Volbeat. Dave Mustaine is currently rehabilitating his neck after surgery.