Metallica purists have been on the fence about the band's collaboration with Lou Reed after the release of 'The View'. One fan attempted to improve the track by removing Lou completely, check it out here.

The response to the new track from "Lou-tallica" has been -- to put it lightly -- less than positive . While some fans have embraced the adventurous "worlds-collide" sound of the 'Lulu' track 'The View', most have written it off as a disaster of 'St. Anger'-like proportions.

Metallica themselves have been creatively distancing themselves in interviews: the band has expressed their discomfort with Lou's one-take and out recording process and James Hetfield has gone out of his way to reassure fans saying, "this is not the new Metallica studio record".

As the project nears it's November 1st launch date, more and more 'Lulu' details are beginning to surface. The latest comes in the form of a teaser that features Lou, James, and Lars Ulrich talking about the album (which you can see at the bottom of this post). However, the most promising teaser for the album comes in a fan-created edit of 'The View,' where all of Metallica's kick-assery has been the subtraction of all Lou Reed's vocal contributions -- check it out for yourself below.

"The View" (with Metallica only) from on Vimeo.