The latest reports from Hollywood say metal giants Metallica are gearing up for an unspecified 3D film project, let's just hope they don't cast Lou Reed as the main character.

Metallica are certainly no stranger to appearing on film, whether we're talking a concert DVD or their bromantic dramedy 'Some Kind of Monster' -- the band has certainly become comfortable in front of the camera. Now comes word that Metallica will enter a whole new dimension on screen -- the third one to be exact.

Respected Hollywood news source is reporting that Metallica are self-financing a 3D film and have enlisted 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' producer Charlotte Huggins to help. They are currently looking around for a director with the chops necessary to bring a Metallica-style feature to the big screen.

No one really knows exactly what Metallica has planned for the film, perhaps this is where the ideas for their scrapped video game (see trailer below) will surface.  Some believe that it will be a 3D concert film, but that seems unlikely based on the fact that Metallica is shopping for a director they are using the word "feature" in the report. We will bring you more details as they become available.