The Livingston county auto shop owner said that it was supposed to represent a scene from the video game Mortal Kombat.

Quality Coatings in Fowlerville is in damage control mode now after their outdoor Halloween "deocration"  received negative backlash.

The original display showed President Trump holding Barack Obama's head at the end of a rope. It was put up as part of a scarecrow decorating contest held by the village of Fowlerville.

After receiving multiple complaints from residents, the village called the shop's owner and asked him to take it down. The owner told local news outlets that it wasn't meant to be racist, but "scary."

He replaced part of the display with yellow tape that says "PC POLICE."

Forget the politics for a minute - even if you drove by and couldn't tell who the masks were, yes - a white guy holding a black man's head off a rope is *clap* racist *clap.* No question.

Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing. Do what you want, but be prepared for the consequences. Not everybody has to like what you have the freedom to say.

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