Although beer is something typically consumed in mass quantities on college campuses all across the nation, Central Michigan University plans to give students academic credit for learning how to make it.

The university plans to launch a certificate program in the fall of 2015 that will give students the opportunity to learn the many facets of the brewing process, which could help them obtain gainful employment in the business of beer. Reports indicate that the curriculum for the program is a mix of biochemistry, chemistry and microbiology that encompasses every aspect of making beer from the field to the finished product.

"The undergraduate certificate in fermentation science will fill a need in the state and across the region for students to learn the science and technology underlying brewing," said Cordell DeMattei, CMU director of fermentation science. "This opportunity expands CMU's leadership in the sciences and provides the training needed by future leaders of the craft brewing industry."

If you are ready to brew a batch of beer right now, check out the video below.