Michigan police are now going to have to work a lot harder to seize and permanently take possession of personal property over a violation of the drug laws.

Earlier this week, Governor Rick Snyder signed a piece of legislation into law, which forces an element of reform to the state’s civil asset forfeiture program that will force cops to present “clear and convincing” evidence that the property they are so eager to get their hands on was used in criminal activity.

Law enforcement agencies across the state will also be made to submit annual reports  that detail their forfeiture cases and account for all money generated from these actions.

"Michigan residents deserve transparency from government, and these new reporting requirements will raise the bar so that a fair balance is struck between private property rights and law enforcement's effective ability to do their job in pursuing criminal activity," Snyder said in a statement.

In 2014, Michigan police made over $20 million seizing property from residents who were busted for drugs -- many of them for simple possession.

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