A Chesterfield man was recently arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated indecent exposure for allegedly masturbating while following two female joggers in his vehicle.

According to WDIV, Sean Bobcean is accused of following a woman jogger in his vehicle on Sept. 8 in the area of 33 Mile Road and Van Dyke Road in Bruce Township. He is also accused of following a second woman jogger in his vehicle, this time in the area of Tamarack Lane and Gould Road in Bruce Township.

The first woman, after noticing the creeper was following her while she was jogging, went up and confronted him in his vehicle. That's when she saw he was working on firing one off in the front seat. She then took off running and called the cops.

With the second woman, he actually lifted up his hips so she could see what he was doing.

Both victims gave the exact same license plate and driver description. Thanks to this information, police were able to locate the suspect at his home on Sept. 12 and obtain an arrest warrant.

What kind of a person drives around stroking it to women who are jogging? Well, apparently weirdos like this. He's got some serious issues, that's for sure.