I know parents say they will do anything for their kids, but this is way beyond normal parenting. When is the last time your mom passed you anything with her mouth?

Kimberly Margeson passed Oxycodone to her inmate son during a goodbye kiss after visiting him in a New York Jail. This lady apparently is a true MILF, in the eyes of her son anyway!

I would think if you were trying to do something illegal in a jail, you would not want to cause attention. Making out with your MOTHER is certainly going to turn some heads! Margeson is 54-years-old and her convict son, William Partridge is 30. I cannot actually confirm if actual tongue was used, but regardless she did have the pills in her mouth and passed them when she kissed him.

Mommy dearest was charged with a misdemeanor count of promoting prison contraband. I am guessing her son gained a new nickname, possibly mother fu**er?