Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil will be headed to the small screen in the coming months, taking part in the ABC reality series, Celebrity Wife Swap.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Neil and his longtime girlfriend Rain Hannah appeared in an episode, but the other couple was not revealed. For those unfamiliar, Celebrity Wife Swap has the females of two households switch homes, allowing the "spouses" to find a newfound appreciation for their significant other and get an idea of how other family operates.

The paper says that Neil's "new wife" for the episode was treated to a gambling trip at the Red Rock Resort. During his time at the tables, Neil reportedly turned $50,000 into $660,000 at the craps table. Meanwhile, Hannah spent time in Nashville with the other family.

Neil also reportedly attempted to cook a dinner for 20 friends, then admitted later than he hadn't played chef in the kitchen. "I hadn't been in a supermarket to do grocery shopping since Motley Crue first went out on the road in 1981," the singer explained. "I didn't know where to find any of the ingredients." To say the least, the attempt led to a rather humorous scene that will play out in the episode.

An airdate has not been announced as of yet. And thankfully for Neil, he'll be back on the road with Motley Crue for a majority of the 2015 where he won't have to think about cooking for others. Dates for the run can be found here.

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