With this being the first article that I am posting here on the Banana website, what better topic to discuss then tennis shoes. Yes, I have a shoe addiction and if you know me then you know I have a lot of different ones. Every day is some sort of national something day and today was national wear two different color shoe day. Yes, it actually is. So I wore the same style of shoes but different colors. Only one person even noticed today which is surprising.

The shoe industry is not just in sports any longer. Entertainers have taken it to the next level over the years with not only actors but musicians as well wearing tennis shoes or sneakers while walking the red carpet or even performing on stage. Back in the winter when Zack Myers of Shinedown came to the Machine Shop for his and lead singer Bent Smith show I had a chance to talk to him briefly about different shoes he had and what were some of his favorite kinds. Shoes can and will continue to be a fashion statement along with the industry hitting an all-time high for sales in 2017  I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.  So the next time you see me out with the Banana crew at a remote or at the Machine Shop I will more than likely have a different pair each time. Don't judge me.

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