Still streets behind, folks. While our hopes for 'Community' were lightly raised, and quickly dashed at the cancellation of NBC's Justin Kirk comedy 'Animal Practice,' more news has come out that leaves the fate of 'Community' season 4 ever more uncertain. Where 'Whitney' will take the Wednesday slot vacated by 'Animal Practice,' the Jimmy Fallon-produced three-camera 'Guys With Kids' isn't going anywhere just yet. NBC has put in an additional order for the series, but for how much?

For those of you suffering from 'Community' withdrawal, there isn't yet an end in sight. The Hollywood Reporter announced today that NBC has officially requested five more scritps from three-camera Wednesday sitcom 'Guys With Kids,' a small sign of faith in the Jimmy Fallon-produced show's capacity to bring the ratings. 'Guys With Kids' performed a bit more steadily than 'Animal Practice' in their respective Wednesday timeslots, but we suspect the additional scripts have something to do with NBC's reverence for Jimmy Fallon.

Meanwhile, 'Whitney' season 2 will take over for 'Animal Practice' on November 14, while 'Revolution,' 'Go On' and 'The New Normal' have all recieved full-season orders. 'Community' as ever, remains in Limbo.

What say you? Do you think 'Guys With Kids' deserves additional scripts to get its house in order? When do you think we might see 'Community' again?

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