There is nothing quite like throwing caution to the wind and embarking on wild road trip across America for the sole purpose of taking in the city lights, smelling the country air and having as many one-night-stands as you can shake your, well… a stick at.

For those of you with the heart of a gypsy pervert, there is now a new website that helps connect horny travelers with people all over the nation that are willing to rent their rooms to good looking people.

The site is called LoveRoom, which is essentially a clever cover aimed at assisting people in hooking-up with attractive individuals for a night or two of ugly bumping fun. Users sign up for the free service, upload photos, post questions, and choose whether they are looking for a room or have a room to offer.

"Is LoveRoom really about sex? It depends on who uses it. However, the intention of LoveRoom is bigger than sex, it's about connecting in a new way," said founder Joshua Bocanegra.

Bocanegra adds that some people are skeptical about using the service because they fear LoveRoom is just a glorified marketplace for prostitution. "Paying for sex equals prostitution. Paying for a place to stay with someone you find attractive equals LoveRoom."

To avoid getting catfished, LoveRoom also provides members with tips on “how to avoid creeps,” which allows communication via FaceTime and Skype to help ensure you are not getting ready to shack up with anything resembling a wildebeest.

Happy snail trails!