Nickelback have explored some new musical direction with their No Fixed Address album and you get a little glimpse of that in the new video for "She Keeps Me Up."

In the clip above, the band shows a more groovier side of themselves than fans are used to seeing as they provide the entertainment at a secret club show that's seriously hopping. It's all shiny and reflective as the band members sport sunglasses while rocking mirror-ball type music instruments and sporting suits and ties while the club goers groove and dance the night away. And it all takes place at the former home of Prince's Glam Slam club.

Last fall, Chad Kroeger told Loudwire of their No Fixed Address disc, "It’s got so many different sorts of themes, there’s heavy stuff, there’s melodic stuff, we’ve got some funky stuff. We’ve got a horn section, some female background singers, we’ve got a rapper (Flo Rida). It’s all over the map, and I love that. Those are my favorite Nickelback records to make."

Nickelback will continue touring North America into April, before heading to Australia and Japan. They will be back for another leg of Stateside dates beginning in June and running through the summer. See their itinerary here and check in on ticketing and VIP packages at this location.