Just after news broke that Nonpoint would be moving forward without their guitarist and bassist, they confirmed they had already found replacements and are now showing off some new material via YouTube.

Towards the beginning of the month, Nonpoint announced the departure of guitarist Zach Broderick and founding bassist Ken MacMillan. It was immediately rumored, and confirmed just days later, that members of the Chicago based hard rock band Inn Cinema would be filling the void.

Now vocalist Elias Soriano and Robb Rivera are now joined by guitarists Rasheed Thomas and Dave Lizzio and bassist Adam Woloszyn, and are predicting their new album could be in stores as early as Spring of 2012. Soriano has said on his and the band's Facebook page that they will have nearly 31 new songs ready to record by the end of the month. The band previews a few of those songs in a video posted to their YouTube page, which you can see below.