A 22-year old in North Carolina was recently arrested after being caught trying to shoplift a Miley Cyrus blow up doll. What a dumbass! He could've bought a dimebag and had the real thing for free.

Benjamin Greene headed to a Spartanburg, South Carolina Spencer's Gifts location, where he was spotted by an employee removing a 'Finally Mylie!' blow up doll from its box. He allegedly stuff his little latex Hannah Montana into his coat and headed for the door. His plan was foiled when an employee confronted him and the package fell out of Greene's coat. Greene is now facing shoplifting charges and a 5 to 10 year sentence of internet embarrassment.

The 'Finally Mylie!' doll was released a few years back after the former Disney star turned 18, as commemorated by such classy catch phrases like "Daddy's Little Stoner is Ready for You to Bone Her," and "3 Achy Love Holes" on the packaging. The doll only retails for $19.99, so why would anyone go to the trouble to steal it? The same reason you would steal her album, because -- even if you want it -- you'd rather keep that info to yourself.