As some of are aware Record Store Day was this past Saturday. Bands like Foo fighters MGMT, Rob Zombie, just to name a few are really behind this day and remembering the heritage of music. Opeth is no exception, while everyday is Record Store day to them, they traveled to a Comics Store in Massachusetts to play an acoustic set for the April 20th holiday.  Opeth performed ‘Credence,’ ‘Hope Leaves,’ ‘Atonement,’ ‘Haxprocess’ and ‘Demon of the Fall’ for a small audience. Here's the video's from the set via YouTube. Don't forget Opeth is playing the Machine Shop May 10th with special guest Katatonia.

Opeth - Credence

Opeth - Hope Leaves


Opeth - Haxprocess

Opeth - Demon of the Fall

[Source: Loudwire]