Could Lake Michigan soon be renamed Lake Wisconsin? Not likely, but there is a petition currently floating around that suggests such a name change might be a good idea. Late last week, a humorous petition launched by emerged to either drum up some controversy or a few laughs from their fellow Wisconsinites on the issue of getting the name of Lake Michigan changed to Lake Wisconsin.

The petition reads:

We, the citizens of Wisconsin, feel it's time for the Great Lake of Michigan to be renamed Lake Wisconsin. For too long Michiganders have gloated over Lake Michigan and their pretty sunsets. From now on, we will exclusively refer to it as Lake Wisconsin until every American joins us.

To our west we have the Land of 10,000 Lakes. To our east the so-claimed Great Lakes State. And here we are, left in the middle with nothing but a bunch of farmland, cows, and cheeseheads. It's time to make a change, this is Lake Wisconsin.

The citizens of Wisconsin have a long and storied history with Lake Wisconsin. Milwaukee resident J. Val Klump was the first person in history to reach the bottom of Lake Wisconsin, which he did in 1985 via a small submarine.

Reports indicate that some Michiganders have taken to the social media in a digital war against the petition, suggesting that someone should launch a petition to rename Wisconsin “West Michigan.”