I am sure there are countless things you could think of to do with a vagina. Well what comes to mind when you think of things to PUT IN a vagina? Heroin needles perhaps? One Kentucky woman was using her crotch as a storage locker for her fix!

29-year-old Jessica Webster was in police custody on an unrelated charge when officers asked her if she had any drugs or contraband. Webster claimed she did not, but a female officer conducted a pat down at which time she said she felt something near Webster's vagina. I don't know if this chick has junk in her trunk, but i can tell you she had junk in her pu**y purse! Authorities found needles in her vagina! Upon further 'investigating' a stolen car was also found up there, just kidding.

According to the police report, Webster admitted she is a heroin addict. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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