What would you do if you went to the office vending machine to get your snack for the day and look inside and see a raccoon?

Volusia County Sheriff's Office in Flordia was called to the local High School earlier in the week to apprehend a raccoon who trapped himself inside a vending machine attempting to well of course raid all of the snacks.

The local authorities called animal control who then put the vending machine on a dolly and wheeled it to a more safe area where the raccoon could get out and then go back to his normal everyday activities. You gotta believe that the raccoon was scared out of its mind being trapped inside. Can you imagine if he did get to all of the snacks inside? It then would look like my brother's bedroom growing up. Nothing but a mess.

Don't get any ideas Maggie for any future pranks here at the station.

Source: UPI.com

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