The last thing you would expect to see while working at a car dealership in Ferndale is a 5-foot python. Well, that's exactly what happened to workers at Ferndale Honda earlier this week.

According to WDIV, a customer was standing outside the door banging on the door to get the attention of the dealership workers. They didn't even have to go outside to see that there was a 5-foot python slithering along the sidewalk and along the door and windows.

This sucker would have freaked me out! There's no way that I would have stepped outside and tried to put the snake into a freaking way in hell. I would have run out the back door, got in my car and would have squealed out of the parking lot so fast. Yeah, I'm a pretty big pussy when it comes to snakes.

I'm sure it was pretty harmless and was someone's pet that escaped somehow.

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