Revenge is a dish best served on a radio station for thousands to hear.

A woman named Ariel recently called in to Boston's Hot 96.9 for some help in tracking down a younger man named Rob she's been dating who suddenly and inexplicably ghosted her.

The hosts called Rob, who revealed the real reasons behind his actions -- namely, he wanted to get back at Ariel's son for bullying him when they were kids. And how, exactly, does one do that? By plowing the mother, of course.

This is an amazingly elaborate scheme Rob devised and he's pretty pleased, since everyone is now learning about what he did. He's as proud as a peacock, while the cougar Ariel is disgusted with him (we're pretty sure she probably took a long hot shower after this segment).

There is also the little matter of whether or not this is real. A lot of these bits tend to be fake and this one is pretty remarkable. What do you think? Is any of this legit or is totally staged?

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