When winter hits and cabin fever sets in you always try to find things to do, right? You can only play the same card or board games so many times before it gets old.

After a recent snowstorm, a Toronto's Robert Greenfield decided to turn his backyard ice rink (Canadians, am I right?) into a recreation of the most famous Leanardo da Vinci painting. His rendition of the classic is now being called the "Snowna Lisa," and is making others want to go outside and see what masterpieces they can recreate.

The artist used only a shovel and what looks to be a hockey stick (which we will 100% assume is a hockey stick because Canada) to draw out the picture. Greenfield says it is far from a masterpiece, but it is something fun and creative that everyday people can do outside.

This makes the snowmen my daughter and I have built in years past look like finger paintings. Nicely done, Bob. Treat yourself to a Molson, eh.

Source: UPI.com

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