There have been some notable rock and metal reunions over the past few years, but that doesn't mean Rob Zombie is eager to reunite his band White Zombie anytime soon.

In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound (watch above), the rocker / directer was asked if there'd ever be a White Zombie reunion, and he emphatically responds, "No. We did it, and it's done. And it wouldn't be good. That's the thing. I mean, a lot of people forget, because they went to see White Zombie and they were 15 years old and it was their first concert and everybody in White Zombie was, like, 23 years old. They're no longer 15 and they're gonna come to the concert at 40 and look at White Zombie, who are all gonna be 50, and go, 'This sucks now.'"

He adds, "White Zombie stopped at the height of our career. We had a triple-platinum record and we just did our huge, sold-out arena tour everywhere and then we stopped, and that's the best way to leave it."

Not stopping there, the frontman weighed in on the crop of reunions that have popped up over the last few years. "Most of the time — I'm not gonna lie; I never like to lie about stuff — everybody does everything for money. You know, bands that can't stand each other, hate each other's guts, get back together 'cause they can make more money that way. And that's not a good reason to do it."

However, Rob admits there was at least one big exception that stood out to him. "In '99, when I saw Black Sabbath reunite for the first time with all four original members, it was great. I mean, they sounded great, they looked great; it was wonderful."

Unfortunately for White Zombie fans, it looks like there will be no chance at seeing the industrial groove machine rip it up once more. The reasoning makes complete sense and if the enthusiasm isn't there then perhaps we're better off with the dream. Luckily, Rob Zombie still performs select White Zombie cuts live and that will have to do. Hey, it's better than nothing, right?

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