Poking fun at themselves and at the music industry, Shinedown knocks it out of the park with a short film to represent their latest single 'Asking For It'.

Everything about this video screams awesome to me, starting with the man at the beginning saying the band was better when they were "fat drug addicts"! The kids in this video did such a great job at portraying each member of the band, and I just fell in love with the young Barry Kerch and his fake facial hair. The creepy, overly artistic photographer holding the photo shoot, the flashy, inattentive manager (Zach Meyers), the way that Brent Smith kind of looks like Elton John, and that he eats Eric Bass' already chewed bubble gum, all add to the humor. I also love the fact that they even left in some of the out takes, so we could see how much fun they really had making this video.

Shinedown - Facebook

Never a band to skimp on the video, also a band that has been around long enough to understand the ups and downs of the music industry, Shinedown said on their Facebook that they wanted to have as much fun as possible on this project. They teamed up with director Darren Doane to create this beauty which comes in at over seven minutes long. Ordinarily that would deter me, but the video is funny from the very beginning.

I am a firm believer that if you can't make fun of yourself, it will hurt when someone else does. I also believe that if your close friends don't rip on you, they are not your real friends. Shinedown manages to do both in this video.