Five-year-old Slipknot fan and viral air-drummer Caleb H is capitalizing on his Internet fame. Last week (Jan. 18), Slipknot's Jay Weinberg commended the young rocker after the child was seen expertly mimicking the drum hits during a Slipknot concert. Now, the kid's proving he can hold his own on the kit.

As seen in the video located down toward the bottom of this post, Caleb H got decked out in period-appropriate Slipknot gear to blast his way through the band's classic "Before I Forget" on an electronic drum set. As expected, it's quite possibly the cutest Slipknot drum cover to ever grace the Internet.

"Caleb loves Slipknot and [former drummer] Joey Jordison," the video's description reads. "For Halloween 2019, he wanted to dress as Joey and record this song." (It seems as if the budding musician's viral fame prompted his parents to upload the performance — it emerged on YouTube Jan. 17.)

Last week, a clip of the talented tyke furiously air drumming away during a recent Slipknot show appeared on Twitter. That's when it garnered the attention of Weinberg, Slipknot's current drummer. "My man," he stated when responding to Loudwire's re-posting of the video that has since gone viral.

Weinberg, of course, has his own history as a youngster being a fan of Slipknot. Just last year, he recreated the photo of his first introduction to the band as a kid. At the time, his father Max Weinberg had taken him to meet the group after catching wind of them during their appearance on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, where Weinberg was the house band drummer.

Slipknot are currently touring in the U.K., no doubt inspiring other future musicians like Caleb H. See where their 2020 touring will take them here.

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