On Wednesday, Mark Hamill just barely let the lid off of the Star Wars marketing blitz, potentially revealed when (and where) the next Last Jedi will drop. And shortly after he deleted that tweet, Lucasfilm decided to drop a brand new batch of shiny new photos from the Rian Johnson movie. Let the Star Wars promotional madness begin!

The studio released upwards of 25 new photos from the upcoming film, including some great behind-the-scenes shots. To be fair, we’ve already seen a good chunk of these photos before thanks to exclusives from Entertainment Weekly and Empire over the last few months, but now we get to marvel at than sans-watermarks in their full high-resolution glory.

There’s some great stills of Rey and Luke, Domhnall Gleeson’s Captain Hux, a few shots of Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose with John Boyega’s Finn, Snoke’s red Praetorian guards and a better close-up of Poe’s new X-Wing and Kylo Ren’s Tie Silencer, plus that gorgeous shot of Resistance skimmers kicking up red dust on Crait. But best of all, we finally have hi-res shots of your new favorite Star Wars creatures: turtle nuns and, you guessed it, PORGS! Check out the photos below and keep an eye out on new Last Jedi footage over the next few months until the film hits theaters December 17.


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