Stone Temple Pilots attempted to shoot two music videos for their 2010 single 'Cinnamon,' neither version was released but one of them recently surfaced online -- now we know why they shelved it.

The return of Stone Temple Pilots was not quite as successful as they'd hoped -- their album received mixed reviews and Scott Weiland fell off the wagon (and the stage) late in their supporting tour for the self-titled effort, forcing them to cancel the remaining dates. The effort was by no means an utter failure but it definitely fell short of the expectations for the band's first album in nearly nine years.

The third single from the album was the breezy summertime love song 'Cinnamon,' for which the band had planned to release a music video. They were reportedly unhappy with the first attempt and went through with shooting a second video, which they also did not like. Both versions were shelved and the video was ultimately abandoned. Thanks to the wonderful interweb we can now see their second version of the video.

This is not the worst music video we've ever seen -- far from it actually -- but it does come off a little amateurish for a band of STP's stature. Some of the video actually came together quite well but there are parts that just seem a little bit off, especially at the beginning when Scott Weiland is sleep-singing. That's just weird.

The band is currently working on their next album and planning a tour to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their debut release 'Core.'