Today’s Lesson – Origin of 420 [VIDEO]
Happy 420 day to you (if you care)! If you do - then I imagine you know the origin of the day. I really don't. But apparently the guy in the video below does. Maybe all you care about is toking down. To each his own, but if you truly are going to celebrate today, you should at  least know why. Right?
Happy 4/20 From Chong
To some people today is Monday April 20, 2015. To some folks today is 4/20. Watch as Funny or Die with the help of Tommy Chong freak out some people that appear to be celebrating, as in today is 4/20 for them.
Epic Stoner Pool Stunt Fail [VIDEO]
In honor of 4:20, I bring you this gem.  You can kind of just tell this old dude is stoned by the way he walks and sings as he prepares for this 'stunt'.  Watch what happens when someone who IS high...climbs high on a ladder and tries to show off!