Woman Fights Off Alligator To Save Her Dog [VIDEO]
A Florida woman recently went above and beyond to save her dog. Lori Beiswenger was planting trees when an alligator attacked her dog and started to drag the pooch into a pond. As horrific as it may have been to watch, I would have done nothing. How do you stop an alligator? If you are this chick - …
Florida Boy Survives Alligator Attack [ViDEO]
I do not like the feeling of fish swimming near me, let alone an alligator! That being said, I still cannot believe that I actually have been in Florida lakes. I did see alligators, but was not in danger of being attacked. I cannot say the same for this little boy.
Alligator Smugglers Busted in MI
Kidnapping alligators is dangerous, but from what we’ve heard, it’s walk in the park compared to doing time within the Michigan prison system. That’s exactly what a couple of Detroit men are finding out, after they were busted by the federal government…

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