Vacation Aftermath Is The Worst [PHOTO]
As some of you know, I was on vacation over the weekend. As with any vacation, there is always some amount of work to be done. Cleaning up the campsite, packing, and the dreaded unpacking. It's always at this point after a vacation that I remember one thing...
The Internet Has Stolen Our Children [PIC]
Over the weekend, my girlfriend and I had some time off and decided to take the kids out to the movies and have to some on Saturday. We met up at my apartment and were just hanging out figuring out everything we wanted to do. Slowly we realized that the kids had forgotten all about us.
Bad Parenting 101: Easter Bunny Trap Prank
There have been a lot of pranks on kids the last few years. Even Jimmy Kimmel had parents film their kids as the told them that they ate their Halloween candy. Here is quick and easy one you can pull on your kids tomorrow for April Fools Day.
What Pet Should Monroe Get For His Daughter?
I need your help friends. I made a deal with my nine-year-old daughter that if she had a great remote card we could get a small pet. Well, she did and now we need to pick one out. I've had a lot of pets in my life time but have a few restrictions.

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