Android Or iPhone, What Did Monroe Get?
Last week I asked everyone for advice on what phone to get. It seems the universe is divided between Android phones and iPhones. Either way, half my friends now hate me over the decision. I decided to go with...
How To Fix A Hole In The Wall, Monroe Style [PICS]
So recently, while moving a dresser in my bedroom, I busted a hole in the wall. It was a pretty big hole as it was the corner of the dresser that went through it. Knowing that it would drive me crazy seeing it everyday, I used some household items to fix it.
Monroe Is Boycotting Winter
I don't mind winter at all, but it's way too early for this crap already! With that said, not only will I be grilling out at the my apartment this weekend, I will also be using the grill for a space heater when I smoke! F--- you mother nature!
Chris Monroe, Video Game Champion Of Fox Hill Glens
It's been a long and exhausting weekend my friends! After several remote broadcasts and "DJ'ing" a wedding, I had a chance to relax with some friends at my apartment on Sunday. After screaming at the TV while my fantasy football  team was getting destroyed, the smack…