Crazy Arkansas Play Helps Them Beat Ole Miss [VIDEO]
Talk about all the luck in the world. As time was ticking away in overtime in a game between Arkansas and Ole Miss, this lucky lateral changes the game. On 4th and 25, Arkansas had to pick up a first down to keep the game going. They did it with an incredible amount of luck on their side.
Dog Eats Paralyzed Man’s Testicle [VIDEO]
I do know that dogs like to chase balls, I did not know they liked to eat them too! A paralyzed man in Arkansas, woke to find himself one testicle short. While he was sleeping his dog ate it! Luckily, the dog did not mistake the 39-year-old man's penis for a bone!
Man Stages Knife Attack To Impress Date [VIDEO]
More proof that guys will do ANYTHING to get in a girls pants. Jeffery Tyler Siegel, 26, of Arkansas actually had a buddy pretend to confront him and a date as they walked through a park. The girl ran, but Siegel claimed he fought off the 'attacker' and even suffered knife wounds.