Local Busted Trying to Buy Kid
A Genesee County man was recently charged after he was allegedly texting an undercover agent in an attempt to buy a young girl to have sex with and eventually marry. The things he said in his texts will blow your mind.
Vicious Sucker Punch Ends In Arrest
I'm not entirely sure what caused the steroid avenger to throw this punch but it doesn't really matter.  Bottom line, this bully threw his best punch and the other kid was still standing strong.  On top of that, the bully gets arrested.  Sweet karma!
Man Arrested for Drinking Iced Tea [VIDEO]
As said in the end of this video, "This sum bulls**t!" This man really did nothing wrong at all but take a drink of his Arizona Iced Tea. This power trippin' cop comes up and demands to see what he's drinking and then arrests him for trespassing.
Awesome Pee Prank Ends in Arrest
Back in March I posted a video of some guys that were pulling pee pranks on some cops. The same guys are back at it again but this time they added a little bit of a twist and some cops really didn't find it all too funny.

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