MI Uber Driver Gets Stabby
A Michigan Uber driver is being charged with assault after allegedly stabbing a passenger. 23-year-old Jacob Allemon, was arraigned in court on Sunday after the incident. It all happened Saturday morning around 1:30 a.m. in a Bloomfield Township parking lot.
Man Attacked For Recording A Bickering Couple [VIDEO]
This might be my favorite video of the week. This guy was recording a couple that were arguing at the bus stop. After a second, the old lady noticed that he was recording them. When she knew that he was, she whacked him with her cane. This dude didn't even flinch.
Trump Gets Rushed at Rally
At a recent rally on Saturday, Donald Trump was speaking at a rally at an airport. In the middle of his speech, a man jumps the guard rail and tries to rush the stage. The police and security guards were able to grab him before he was able to do it. If you watch him before he jumps, he looks as if h…

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