Drunk Chick Attacks Uber Driver, Empties Car [VIDEO]
I don't know how someone would want to be an Uber driver. It's the business of picking up drunk aholes from what I've seen. This chick is hammered and having an altercation with her driver. After attacking him, she jumps in the car and begins to throw everything in the street.
Great White Attack Near Alcatraz [VIDEO]
This attack caught on tape doesn't get much closer to people at all. While some tourists are checking out the old Alcatraz prison, a seal stops by to say hi. As the seal is swinging right near the dock and all of the people, a great white decided it was lunch time. Definitely a gruesome sight f…
Another High School Football Player Attacks Ref [VIDEO]
High school students are getting pretty brazen nowadays. This is the second time in a few weeks where a high school football player has taken his temper out on a referee. This one is not as bad as the video from last week where too players blindsided the ref though. Even after saying that, it's…
Soccer Fan Kicks Player In Spine During Interview [VIDEO]
Soccer really does have the craziest fans. Watch as this player is being interviewed after a game when the crazy fan attacks. The player is focused on the question when the lunatic comes up from behind and plants his foot right in his spine. The player almost folds in half and goes down hard.
Crazy Old Man Attacks Nurses With A Pipe In Hospital [VIDEO]
This 68-year-old man went nuts in the hospital. It's reported that he took a metal pipe off his bed frame and started attacking the nurses with it. Eight nurses suffered injuries and one ended up with collapsed lung. He was later found a few blocks away and died shortly after his arrest.

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