Tesla Driver Falls Asleep While Using Autopilot [VIDEO]
The future is here. Watch as this guy fully takes advantage of Tesla's autopilot. While driving down the highway, he falls asleep and the car just keeps fighting traffic. I want this technology in my life right now. I would get so much more accomplished if I wasn't to lazy to drive.
Dad Pranks Son With Tesla ‘Autopilot’ Feature [VIDEO]
A new level of laziness has been achieved my friends. Now you can link up your car to your phone and "drive" it. The Tesla now has a summon feature which will drive the car on its own. Thankfully, this dad has a sense of humor and decided to tape a prank on his son.
Driverless Car Begins First Cross-Country Trip [VIDEO]
They need to mass produce these things asap! Delphi Automotive is putting the new technology to the test over the next week and a half. The driverless car will make a trip from San Francisco to New York City. An engineer will be in the car the whole time but car will do all the driving.