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You'll never look at professional arm wrestling the same again after we take you inside the World Armwrestling League's championship qualifying event in Flint.
Little Darlings Find Jesus?
In less than one week, Little Darlings -- a well-known Flint strip club -- closed their doors for business and reopened for Sunday church service? Banana 101.5 Action News hit the scene to get all the answers to a bunch of very confusing questions.
Facebook's "Scary" New Terms
Every time Facebook makes any sort of change, everyone freaks out and says they'll never use it again. Will they start using your pictures in ads after you agree to the new terms of service? Find out all those answers and more here as Banana Action News investigates.
Local Radio Employees Terrified
Employees at a local radio station are in shock after a "terrifying" crime against one of their co-workers has left them questioning their safety. Banana 101.5 Action News Investigates...
Why Did the Raincheck Close?
When we learned that one of our favorite bars in town, Flint's Raincheck Lounge, went out of business last week -- we were shocked. When our search for answers produced none, we went out in search of the truth.