Batman V Superman

Tree is in Suicide Squad Too
I was an extra in Batman V. Superman, and, based on the new Comic-Con trailer, it looks like I'll be in 'Suicide Squad' as well. Does this mean I get another paycheck?
Tour Bruce Wayne's MI Home
By now, everyone knows that 'Batman v Superman' was filmed in Michigan, but did you know you can take a Google Maps tour of Bruce Wayne's Lake House/Batcave located in Lake Orion, Michigan?
Batman V Superman's Barbie Batman Makes His Debut
Boy, these new Barbie body types are sure getting really specific. I mean, it makes sense for Mattel to attempt to reach a broader, more diverse audience by releasing new Barbies that better match the girls and young women of the world, but aging, rich white dude with trust issues hardly seems like …
Watch the First ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Clip
Batman vs. Superman is just about two months away and the marketing onslaught is about to begin. Here, in the calm before the storm, though we have the very first clip from Batman vs. Superman. Zack Snyder debuted the new footage on Conan last night and while it didn’t feature any su…

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