Bigfoot in the U.P.?
After all these years, has somebody finally captured the illusive Sasquatch, also known as "Bigfoot" on camera in Michigan's Upper Peninsula?
Man Finds Bigfoot in Midland?
Midland resident Anthony Padilla recently told local news outlets that he has proof Bigfoot is living on his property. It turns out that there is much, much more to the story. Get the absolutely undeniable account of Padilla's encounter with one of the Bigfeet (yes, as in more than one) here.
Man Claims Bigfoot Vandalized His RV [FBHW]
Ever since the Jack Link's Sasquatch advertising campaign, everybody knows that Bigfoot is a jerk.  This is confirmed by a Pennsylvania man who claims his RV was vandalized by a rock throwing Bigfoot.  The man claims that he and his girlfriend spotted Bigfoot 3 times while camping over a month long …