Black Friday

Black Friday Beatdowns
If you stayed at home during the unbridled carnage that is Black Friday, we dug up some of the best fight videos of 2014 thus far for a very special edition of Friday Night Fights... Black Friday Night Fights!
Black Friday Shoppers Are Lunatics… Be Afraid [VIDEO]
Let’s face it… Black Friday is for lunatics and sadists who want nothing more than to throw punches at strangers in their attempt to save a few bucks on electronics and toys their kids will never play with. It is amazing this godless, American ritual continues to be legal, as every year reports surf…
Bra Brawl! Fight Breaks Out At Victoria’s Secret [VIDEO]
Black Friday brings out the worst in people. Especially when it comes to bitches and bras. I am not sure what kind of sale Victoria's Secret was having (I buy my bras at Rite Aid), but it must have been a good one! Do these women realize just because you may wear Victoria Secret lingerie, it do…

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