Biker Has Nasty Crash After Foam Mat Flies Off Boat [VIDEO]
It's amazing to me just how terrible people are at packing things while traveling. I've seen too many people just use a bungee cord to hold things down. Even last year after my tubing trip, I stopped to help some friends retrieve items from the highway that fell out of their truck on the highway. Unfortunately this biker had a pretty bad wreck after this very same thing.
Crazy Dude Jumps On Back Of Swimming Moose [VIDEO]
It's amazing what drunk people on boats will do. This guy spots a moose swimming through the water and decided he wanted to ride it. So the boat took off after them and tried to catch up. Once he was close enough the man jumped on and went for a pretty long ride. I wonder if the moose attacked after the video turned off?
Swimming With the Sharks
A bunch of friends are in a boat, witness a couple sharks swimming towards them and then do the unthinkable to their buddy. This guy really does need to pick better friends after this even though it was pretty funny.

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