Michigan Walmart Brawl Caught on Camera [VIDEO]
It's that time of year when shoppers are a little extra on edge due to the holidays. I think it's safe to safe that retail workers are feeling the same. When you combine the two, it can be a recipe for disaster...or a brawl in a layaway line. Which is exactly what happened at a Walmart in …
Taco Bell Employees Brawl In Food Prep Area [VIDEO]
In any work place environment things can get heated between co-workers. Most of the times it ends without a punch being thrown. These guys didn't quite feel like talking it out. I'm not sure what started this fight but they came to blows pretty quick! Have you ever physically fought a co-w…
Brawl At Arizona Vs. San Francisco Game [VIDEO]
This time of year, football fans are pretty damn competitive. These fans get into an argument and begin fighting. After rolling down some stairs, they finally make it out of the seating area and are met by security guards. Personally, I don't think those security guards were very good.

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