brian posehn

Brian Posehn @ The Shop Friday
Brian Posehn made and appearance on "Attack of the Show" to talk about his new role in the comic "Deadpool."  Posehn has taken on writing the new series featuring the character Deadpool from Marvel Comics.  He also talks about his three year old son and …
Brian Posehn’s Top 10 Metal Album Covers
Brian Posehn is one of my favorite comedians.
Poeshn has performed at the Machine Shop twice.  I hope you had the opportunity to see one, if not both shows.
Check out this video of him listing his top 10 metal album covers for FUSE TV.
Comedian Brian Posehn This Sat @ The Shop [VIDEO]
Get ready to laugh your ass off tonight at The Machine Shop! Comedian and actor Brian Posehn returns with a whole new show. The last time Posehn was here, I was in tears from laughing so hard. If you don't really know who Brian Posehn is, I've included some awesome videos for you to check …