Goodbye, Bud. Hello, America.
Anheuser-Busch just announced that they're changing the name of Bud heavy to 'America' for the summer. We're assuming that Busch Light will follow suit and change their name to 'Merica.
MI Beer Vs. Budweiser - Round 2
You know you are doing something right when people start criticizing your work. It appears as though Anheuser-Busch is feeling the heat of Michigan’s craft brew community, recently attacking them in an advertisement during Super Bowl XLIX that said, “Let them sip their pumpkin …
Facebook Is Now In Your Beer
Facebook has become one of those things that's really everywhere you look. Whether its somebody with their face buried in their phone or the totalitarian thumb on the window of a business demanding you "Like" them. And, if that wasn't enough, Facebook …