Burgers & Brews

Chris' Smoked Monroe Burger
Burgers & Brews is happening tomorrow in Buckham Alley in Downtown Flint. Tony, Maggie, Andrea, and me are all competing for the crown and my burger is going to change your life! Big thanks to Eric and the crew at Scooters Bar & Grill for helping create this deliciousness!
Maggie's Back w/ a Boozy Burger
Burgers and Brews happens downtown Flint this Thursday. Last year my 'Mexi-Burger' AKA 'Tequila Burger', took top prize. I have once again teamed up with the awesome crew at Timothy's Pub to create another winner - the 'Boozy Burger'!
Love Burger @ Burgers & Brews
I'll bet you didn't know that love could be so tasty! The Andrea "Love Burger" is a literal "hamburger" combining ham and the spicy cherry BBQ sauce available only at Skip's Comeback Inn in Flushing.