Firefighter Falls Through Burning Roof [VIDEO]
If you need to be reminded of how dangerous it is to be a firefighter, here is your reminder. A California firefighter is in critical condition after falling through a garage roof while battling a fire. The man's name has not been released, but it is known that he is a 25-year veteran on the fo…
Cali Peeps Try Michigan Foods
The culinary landscape and eating habits of California and Michigan are about as far apart as they come. So what would happen if Californians were to try some signature Michigan dishes? Find out here.
Guide Dog Saves Trainers From Out Of Control Car [VIDEO]
This is pretty incredible. A guide dog in training acted fast as an out of control car came down a sidewalk in California. The dog was able to lead its trainer and a supervisor out of harms way. Police say the driver was attempting to parallel park and hit the gas instead of the break. I'll say…

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