U.S. Officials Warn Of Cannabis Products In Halloween Candy
As the popularity of cannabis explodes all over the country U.S officials are warning parents to keep a lookout for cannabis products that look like ordinary snacks. It's easy to get this one confused especially if you are a kid. I regularly indulge in recreational edibles and almost all of the packing looks like it was made for kids...
Lookout for Pot Candy
There are a lot of jerks and sickos out there so you always want to check what candy your kid gets while trick-or-treating. Police want to remind parents that edible weed candy has been given to children before.
The Worst Candy Names Of All Time [FBHW]
Free Beer and Hot Wings came across an article from World Wide Interweb that had photos of candy with unbelievably bad names.  A lot of the candy on the list is from overseas, so it is understandable when a word is lost in translation.  However, some of the candy names are just blatantly weird.  Take the case of "Camel Balls," they are actually shaped like and marketed to be camel balls.
Fantone Is Too Stupid To Recognize Fake Commercial [UPDATED]
There has been some weird commercials over the course of TV history and if you're an idiot like me you don't recognize the difference between the fake and real ones. This new parody ad for Reese's Pieces might take the cake.  Check out this fake commercial featuring child birth, a home wrecking guido, and a nurse eating what appears to be after birth.
9 Things You Didn’t Know About Candy Corn
Every year, it hides in some dark, dank corner of even the most raucous Halloween party, waiting for some unknowing fool to stick their hand in its clutches of doom. It entices its prey with colorful designs and the promise of sweet joy, only to fill its victims with a familiar sense of bland, flavorless dread ...

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