car accident

Dumb Broad Runs Red Light And Causes Crash [VIDEO]
This is the absolute poster woman for not paying attention. Watch as this lady runs a red in a busy intersection and causes an accident. When you watch the slow motion video you can see that she didn't even notice the other car. Just cruising along probably singing some stupid song like fancy.
Can You Explain Ghost Car Caught on Dash Cam? [VIDEO]
This really is a bizarre video of a car that comes out of nowhere and hits another car. I mean literally out of nowhere, so much so that it's being called a ghost car. Watch as many times as you want even in slow motion and no matter what, there's really no explaining it. Either that or I&…
Man Jumps Over Fence and Gets Blasted by Car [VIDEO]
Holy smokes, this guy gets nailed by a car as he jumps over a fence and right into oncoming traffic. It really shows the power of a vehicle as the car wasn't going extremely fast but fast enough to launch this dude. Not sure the condition of this man but it can't be good.

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