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Cardboard Sleds Hitting the Hill
We already shared our photo gallery of the sleds from the 2nd Annual Tim Horton's Cardboard Classic Sled Race, now check out a bunch of pictures of them going down the hill... well, most of them anyway.
Cardboard Classic Sled Pics
Here we are at Mt. Holly for Tim' Horton's Second Annual Cardboard Classic Sled Race and despite being about an hour away from kickoff, we've already seen our share of badass sleds -- check them out here!
Come to the Cardboard Classic
Even if you're not going to compete in Tim Horton's Second Annual Cardboard Classic Sled Race, you should come join us! It's fun, absolutely free to watch and you'll get to see how badass my Batmobile sled turned out!
Dude Totally Rocks Drums a Drum Kit While Riding a Sled [VIDEO]
With the 2nd Annual Cardboard Classic just days away I'm thinking that we need to get this guy signed up! Although, it is kind of strange why anyone would do this in the first place. Maybe he's trying to be the next Tommy Lee, who dazzled us all in the 80's with his spinning, rol…
Cardboard Classic Is Saturday!
The second annual Tim Horton's Cardboard Classic Sled Race is this Saturday at Mt. Holly.  I stopped out there today to get some preparations done and check the progress of the hill.  The launch bump at the top of the hill has begun.
Tree Builds Non-Penis Sled
Last year, I set out to make a Tree-shaped sled for the Cardboard Classic Sled Race. Some people said it ended up looking more like a giant donger. This year, I'm pretty sure my sled won't end up looking like a meat sled... pretty sure. What do you think?
Cardboard Classic Photos
There were costumes, sleds, crashes and a lot of laughs at the First Annual Cardboard Classic Sled Race at Mt. Holly this past Saturday. Now you can relive all the fun of the event in the massive photo gallery we've put together -- see it here!
Pics from the Cardboard Classic
Tim Horton's Cardboard Classic has officially begun!  The sleds are rolling down the hill and we've got a look at some of the sled that are in on the action -- check them out here.

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